Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1. Who can be the member of this website ?
A) Only women entrepreneurs from the State of Maharashtra can be member of this website.

Q.2. Should I be a member of Swayamsiddha or UMA to upload my ad ?
A) Not necessarily, However, we appreciate your joining these organizations.

Q.3. Why are women entrepreneurs outside Maharashtra not allowed?
A) We would cover other states at a later stage.

Q.4. What are paid listing ?
A) If you wish to reach wider customer base, we suggest you to opt for paid listing or featured listing. Featured listings always remain top in search results, thereby reaching more customers. You can also buy banner space to link to your website.

Q.5. What are the charges for paid ads ?
A) Paid charges differ from package to package, rest assured the charges are lowest in the segment. To know more about our charges please click here.

Q.6. What are the benefits of Udyami Mahila Portal ?
A) Udyami Mahila portal is a portal dedicated to women entrepreneurs. If you are a women entrepreneur your advertisement has to be listed here, as many Buyers, Organizations, NGOs are in search of products made by women entrepreneurs. We have provided a contact form to each listing, your customer contacts you directly using the form or contacts you over phone /email / WhatsApp etc.